“Patio de botas” y cocktails “Sobre tablas”

“Patio de botas” is a recreation of the Jerez-style range of tapas, where diners can sample Andalusian cuisine with a finer, less informal touch, combined with “Sobre tablas”, a cocktail bar blending two languages and cultures: Jerez and its wines, and Great Britain and its whiskeys.

At “Patio de botas”
, in addition to the à la carte option, the culinary offer involves a tasting menu (will work from January 12, 2018), paired with Jerez wines, and starting with an aperitif at the “Sobre tablas” bar if diners so desire, and followed by a range of dishes to sample and taste the South.

“Sobre tablas” offers a starting point and place to end your meal, the perfect space for a drawn-out dessert flavoured with liquors and cocktails. Free to access from 11 pm – reserved before for “Patio de Botas” diners – the menu focuses on wines and spirits from Jerez and the UK, that would be treated with the utmost respect, like the establishment’s culinary products.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 8-11:30 pm. Saturday from 1-3:30 pm and 8-11:30 pm.
“Sobre tablas” opening hours: from 11 pm, open to the general public. Before, only for restaurant diners.
Average “Patio de Botas” price: €45-50

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